Anything That Doesn't Help
You In Your Life Damages You.

Anything that doesn’t help you in your life damages you.

Even when a harmless phenomenon loses both physically and emotionally, it is an occupation against benefit-creating phenomena, and harmlessness cannot be mentioned within a limited life span. When the average life expectancy is considered, it is inevitable for the individual to be selective in terms of problem solving capacity. Unfortunately, human beings do not yet have sufficient mental capacity and duration to allocate to each information and person.

From time to time, it is necessary to examine the individual components and perform benefit-harm analysis. It will be your greatest favor to identify all phenomena that do not benefit fearlessly and objectively. The most important benefit of this awareness is that it will provide you with the time and energy you need to change everything you complain about.

If you haven’t noticed yet, you will not be able to believe how the whole system distracts you from being an individual who benefits you first when you identify thousands of things that take your energy in the simulation that is presented to you as life.

The fact that the individual begins to filter the facts that do not benefit him / herself also allows him / her to benefit others that create the real value.

Then it is necessary to ask the question, who would benefit from being a member of a group and feeling numb without thinking and questioning, instead of dealing with issues that would benefit them.

Now people are the product itself. If you do not produce, unfortunately you are on the losing side. So if you do not have the product, you are the product. If you are not playing the football but watching it, you are the product. If you are not shooting the Tv-Show but watching it, you are the product. If you are not using the social media for your business, you are the product. If you are a member of a community.