Gas and Power Röportajı

BESTIMAGE Advertising Promotion and Consultancy Services Inc. is a full service advertising agency that has managed to become the corporate communication solution partner of many companies, especially the energy and education sectors in our country. We received information from the Chairman of the Board of Directors Saygın Şenel about the company’s projects and future targets.

    Can you give information about BESTIMAGE Advertising Agency and its activities?

Founded in 2004, BESTIMAGE was originally designed to fill a position that is felt to be quite lacking in our country. In the days when graphic centers and printing houses called below the line and overseas-based agencies operating in the advertising sector operate intensively, it has created its own style and broke new grounds.

The entire team structure, including the management team, was composed of young, dynamic and specifically trained individuals in the field of Communication. Our aim was to show that strategies and aesthetics can be combined by preparing all corporate communication materials that institutions and organizations need. BESTIMAGE, which offers visual design, corporate identity, internet services, video production, music production, photo production, organization and consultancy services together in the heart of Istanbul, manages the corporate visual integrity of the brands it serves.

      What is your view of the energy sector as a communicator?

The energy sector is a difficult but enjoyable sector to work with. Besides the main components such as economy, politics, bureaucracy and international relations, there is a component structure that includes concepts such as public relations, education, environment, health and security. Communication activities for the energy sector make it imperative to dominate energy and all dynamics. If you serve this sector, you have to keep secrets and be error-free.

    Could you tell us about the institutions and projects you serve in the energy sector?

If we go into the past of the current issues, undoubtedly the most important projects we have done is Turkey SOCAR Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project TANAP preparation of the corporate identity and corporate communications materials. Azerbaijan and Turkey TANAP is one of the most important projects in the energy field, it is of great importance for both countries and Europe.

We were very proud to take part in such a historical project led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev.

We’ve created a logo for TANAP that symbolizing the close ties and bridges of peace between Turkey and Azerbaijan through Anatolian motifs. We conducted corporate identity, signature ceremony, promotional film, website and advertising campaigns. Our work on TANAP continues nonstop.

    Our activities with İGDAŞ are the first ones in this sector!

İGDAŞ, one of the most important companies in our country, provides natural gas distribution services to 5 million subscribers by reaching every point in a metropolis like Istanbul. For an institution like this, communication has a great importance. İGDAŞ became the first corporate identity guide. The project, which ensures the standardization of every point where the company’s logo is located, was put into practice in a short time.

    Our activities with İGDAŞ are the first!

In addition to the studies prepared to raise the awareness of natural gas users, two separate TV Public Spots were prepared on the subject of safe natural gas usage and what to do in case of natural gas leakage and broadcasted in 40 national TV channels. All natural gas users in turkey raised awareness this issues.

In the campaign we have prepared with the slogan “Istanbul is Breathing!”, they emphasized that Istanbul is one of the cleanest metropolises in the world thanks to İGDAŞ.

With 95% customer satisfaction rate and numerous awards, we are honored to be involved in the projects of İGDAŞ, one of the most visionary institutions in our country.

    UGETAM is at a very important point for our country.

UGETAM, which provides testing, calibration and product certification, personnel certification, practical training, inspection, inspection and consultancy services to the energy sector, is of great importance in terms of its position. We work together on UGETAM’s corporate identity structure, preparation of promotional materials and preparation of publications that add value to the sector. UGETAM is one of the valuable institutions that we adopt as a principle to be a solution partner for us beyond advertising.

    Our energy is increasing day by day.

Working with different brands in the sector enables us to gain new experiences in each new project. In addition to serving our brands such as Baymak, Brötje Heizung, Mmeka, Brz Windpower, Eska Valve in our portfolio, we are actively working with nearly 40 brands in many different sectors. We have achieved many successes in the education sector since our establishment. We are currently conducting corporate and advertising activities of Bahçeşehir University, Uğur Dershaneleri, Bahçeşehir Colleges and BJK Colleges.

    Could you tell us about your company’s future vision and goals?

As BESTIMAGE, we believe in the importance of specialization in the sector. Energy will continue to be the most important issue of our day and the future. We will follow all the trends in the world and we will work for the institutions in our country to undertake world-class communication projects. In such a fast developing country, we are obliged to produce solutions worthy of the world showcase. In this context, our search for renewal, development, research and differentiation will continue.

    Finally, is there anything you want to add?

I would like to extend my respect and love to all of our stakeholders, especially the esteemed managers and employees of the institutions we work with, and wish you all the success for your valuable works that you provided for Gaz & Power family.